Adaptogenic Herbs eBook: Favorite Herbs for Supporting Energy, Health, and Stress Relief


Learn about adaptogenic herbs and how they help the body restore homeostasis. These “smart” herbs can be a great addition to any wellness protocol.

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Adaptogenic Herbs for Supporting Energy, Health, and Stress Relief

During my healing journey, I have become fascinated with herbs. While I have always believed in healing with herbs and natural remedies, it was not until I was diagnosed with some chronic health problems that I really started to look into herbs as a tool for healing my body.

The world of herbs is a very broad topic, so today I want to focus on just one small area of herbs and that is adaptogens. Adaptogens are an important part of my healing journey, because I am dealing with the super common trifecta of health issues – thyroid, adrenal, and blood sugar. All three of these areas are part of the endocrine system and therefore are so intertwined with one another that you simply cannot fix one without addressing the others.

I have shared about adaptogens a lot with my community and it is always a hot topic of discussion. We live in such a sick world where most everyone is dealing with some level of chronic illness. Regardless of whether that illness is minor or major, herbs have the potential to offer a lot of help. That is why I wanted to write this book and I hope you enjoy!



What You’ll Learn:

  • All about adaptogens, what they are, and why they help the body.
  • Profiles on my top 5 favorite adaptogenic herbs.
  • Resources for sourcing quality herbs.
  • Resources for locating a trained herbalist.

This book is a great resource for anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge of herbs and see if adaptogens might be a good addition to their health routine.


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Jessica Espinoza
Denver, CO, United States
I am a wellness coach and educator and founder of the site Delicious Obsessions. I am on a mission to help people around the world eat better, feel better, and live better through real food and natural living!