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Science continues to explore and show how antioxidants and phytonutrients in vegetables and fruits can “talk” directly to our genes and help alter genetic expression. It’s truly fascinating and I want to help you improve your health and your life with Nature’s miracle “drug”. In the Eat the Rainbow eCourse, you will learn a creative and fun approach to health and nutrition with simple ways to incorporate a wider range of healthy produce into your daily diet with this fun 30-Day eCourse.

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The One Thing ALL Diets Can Agree On

There is SO much dietary dogma out there about the “right” and “wrong” ways to eat. One of my passions is helping my readers and clients break through this dogma and assist them in finding the best way to eat for THEIR own needs.

Throughout the years, I have tried a number of different dietary styles. I was paleo for awhile, then keto, then AIP keto, then AIP, then primal, then neurotic about all food, and now, nothing (well, still dealing with some lingering neurosis about food, but that is a different eBook). 😉

Yes, nothing. I don’t adhere to any specific dietary style because there was one thing that became apparent during all of my years of bouncing back and forth between dietary styles: There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition.

What works well for one will not work well for another. We are all unique and individual as to what our bodies require each day and what we can and cannot tolerate. When it comes to choosing a way to eat, it really comes down to your individual needs. There is no such thing as a perfect diet. There is no ideal way to eat that fits everyone. Our dietary needs change with our seasons of life and we must be willing to change with them.

I always encourage my readers and clients to become detectives when it comes to their food. Be curious and willing to experiment with different foods and then pay close attention to how your body reacts to those foods. As easy as it is to follow a specific dietary style, sadly most of the time they are going to need a bit of tweaking to really bring about the vibrant health you may be seeking.

Because of my ups and downs with different diets over the years, it’s taken me awhile to learn this, but I have now created a style of eating that is unique to my specific needs. And, I want to encourage everyone to do the same. Throw out all the dogma about which way of eating is “best” and start tuning into the most important guide when it comes to food: YOUR OWN BODY!

All that said, if there’s one thing that can be agreed on across ALL dietary styles it’s that: more veggies = better health

Who Is This eCourse For?

I created the Eat the Rainbow eCourse as a way to help myself eat more fruits and veggies. This is an area I really struggled and I knew I needed to find easy ways to get more produce into my everyday diet. This course was born out of that experience. 

This eCourse is perfect for all eaters — no matter what dietary style you follow. While there may be a lot of debate as to the “perfect” diet, there is one thing that we know, eating more fruits and veggies is never a bad thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re paleo, traditional foods, vegan, vegetarian, keto, or whatever other form of a diet you may be following, vegetables (and some fruits when tolerated) should make up a large chunk of our diet and our health can improve dramatically just from this one thing.

I created this course to appeal to all dietary styles and all levels of “foodiness”. Whether you are brand new to eating real food or a seasoned expert in the real food world, this eCourse is packed full of easy tips, tricks, recipes, and nutrition facts that everyone can benefit from. 

What Will Be Covered in This eCourse?

In the Eat the Rainbow eCourse, you will learn a creative and fun approach to health and nutrition. We will be covering things like:

  • Why Eating More Fruits and Veggies is Important
  • How to Eat More Produce on a Budget
  • How to Shop Locally and Seasonally
  • What About Sugar & Carbs?
  • Fresh, Frozen, or Canned? Does it Matter?
  • How to Get Kids & Picky Eaters to Eat More Veggies
  • Raw or Cooked? Does it Matter?
  • Fermented Foods
  • Fruit and Veggie Nutrition Profiles and Facts
  • Helpful Tips and Tricks for Easily Incorporating More Produce into Your Diet
  • Lots of recipes and easy meal ideas scattered throughout every lesson
  • And so much more!

As an Added Bonus for Joining:

  • You will get instant access to a bonus eCookbook that is filled with delicious veggie recipes to help you kick off your journey to Eating the Rainbow (a $15 value).
  • You will get access to our private Eat the Rainbow community on Facebook where we will be sharing even more recipes, tips, tricks, and nutrition information every day (a $25 value).

How Does the eCourse Work

I designed this eCourse to be broken out into a 30 day period, with small lessons delivered straight to your inbox every day. After you sign up for the eCourse, you will be given instructions on how to join the eCourse and once your enrollment is complete, you will begin receiving 30+ days of content via email, one email per day.

Getting enough vegetables and fruits is something I have struggled with in my own life and why I created Eat the Rainbow. It was a way to help increase my own fruit and veggie intake every day and now I am excited to help others do the same. I can tell you first hand how my health has improved by incorporating more produce into my diet and I can’t wait to hear how this course improves your health as well!

Are you ready to eat the rainbow? Let’s go!

To your health, with love,


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