DIY Herbal Coffees eBook: A Complete Guide To Making Delicious Herbal Coffees to Support Healing & Stress Relief (a perfect solution for those with adrenal, blood sugar, or thyroid dysfunction)
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Now You Can Experience The Richly Satisfying & Delicious Taste of my Gourmet Herbal Coffees To Reduce Stress and Support Your Health…
Right In The Very Own Comfort of Your Own Home!

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– This Truly Is a DIY Herbal Coffee Lovers Dream Come True! –

“After A LOT of Crazy Demand and Personal Requests…I’m Finally Revealing All Of My Most Exclusive Herbal Coffee Recipes In ONE Amazing Guide For You!”
DIY Herbal Coffees eBook: A Complete Guide To Making Delicious Herbal Coffees to Support Healing and Stress Relief //

“Now You Can Experience The Richly Satisfying & Delicious Taste of Gourmet Herbal Coffees To Reduce Stress and Support Your Health…Right In The Very Own Comfort of Your Own Home!”

Introducing My Personal DIY Guide To Making Delicious Herbal Coffees!

“It All Began With My Little Online Herbal Coffee Etsy Store…”

My name is Jessica and I’m not only a Wellness Educator, but I’m also the creator of the Delicious Obsessions Website and Community. Back in 2014 I had started selling a highly unique line of herbal coffee substitutes on Etsy.

At first I thought I might get a few sales here and there, but I was shocked as not only orders started to pour in, but buyers began simply RAVING about how good my personal herbal coffee blends were…

These were buyers who were looking for a healthy alternative to regular coffee…but didn’t want to sacrifice taste. Also, they were looking for something that tasted great and was loaded with health benefits such as digestive and liver support, as well as stress reduction for the body as a whole.

And that’s exactly what my line of herbal coffee substitutes did.

Buyers simply loved them and repeat orders were a common occurrence…

I couldn’t keep them in stock. And I knew the popularity was only going to EXPLODE.

But then I decided to end it all…

Why? It was simple. I didn’t want to mess with all the very strict FDA labeling issues. You’d be amazed at all the hoops one has to hop through in order to get proper labeling approval with the FDA. To me, it was just too much so after a lot of contemplation, I ended making these highly popular herbal coffee substitutes.

When I announced the news to my buyers that the online store would close…they were devastated. But I knew that I had to keep this unique line of herbal coffees alive…but I wasn’t sure how.

I debated selling off my unique recipe formulas to a different company and let them take over the manufacturing, but I just couldn’t part with my own creations…

Then I thought to myself, why not just release ONE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE that would reveal all my unique recipes, blends, herbs used, step-by-step techniques, and more so those who loved the herbal coffees before could make them from home?

“That was my “light bulb” moment, and now it has become reality…and I couldn’t be
more thrilled to share this great information with you!”

Introducing my brand new, all exclusive online herbal coffee ebook called…

DIY Herbal Coffee Substitutes

A Complete Guide To Making Delicious Herbal Coffees
to Support Healing and Stress Relief

“Here’s Just a Quick SNEAK PEEK Of What You’ll Soon Discover Inside This Jam-Packed Ebook…”

  • I’ll put an end to the, is coffee “bad for you” vs. “good for you” debate once and for all. You’ll be shocked at what I have to say!
  • Discover some of the healthiest replacements for coffee on the planet that you’ll love to drink every single day…and get great benefits from as well!
  • Find out how some of the most powerful ingredients found in nature such as Chicory Root can have a HUGE impact on your overall health!
  • I’ll pull back the curtain on the proprietary formulas for my most popular herbal coffee blends (Clean Living and Happy Liver anyone?), including THREE never before released blends! You’ll also get amazing coffee shop style recipes that include: Vanilla Almond Latte, Frozen Peppermint Mocha, Salted Caramel Macchiato, S’mores Latte, Buttered Maple Cream…and MANY more! I’ll include all my exclusive tips for perfect blending as well!
  • Want to learn how to brew the most perfect cup of herbal coffee? I’ll show my tried-and-tested tips and secrets that work like a charm every single time! Never have a bad cup of herbal coffee again!
  • Discover a comprehensive list of resources for herbs, supplies, and even more further health and resources that have been personally selected by me! This are a MUST read!
  • You’ll discover all the information above and so much more in my personal “how to” guide created just for you! Over 50 pages of “no fluff” and “no filler”…only the best advice, recipes, blends and more you want the most!

“Ok I’m Sold…But How Much Does Your DIY Herbal Coffee Recipe Ebook Actually Cost?”

Well, a lot less than you might think. If you were to go out and purchase these unique blends of herbal coffee and have them shipped to you, your overall order cost would easily be around $50.

If you were lucky enough to find a great coffee shop that sells these blends fresh, you could easily pay $5+ per CUP. That’s IF you could find them. Which most likely you will not since these recipes are MY PERSONAL CREATIONS that once sold like hotcakes on my online Etsy shop. 

But now you can get access to all my exclusive and super tasty and healthy herbal coffee recipes and blends for a

(book is in printable PDF format and can be read on almost any mobile device)

“Yes, Jessica! I Want To Invest In My Own Copy Right Now!”

You’ll Get INSTANT ACCESS To This Complete Ebook Right After Your Safe & Secure Order!

I know that once you dive into this amazing guide, you’re going to discover a WIDE variety of herbal coffee blends that will taste out-of-this-world greatAND will also good for you!

Now you don’t have to sacrifice taste for health. In the DIY Herbal Coffee Substitutes ebook I’ll give you EXCLUSIVE access to all my “top secret” recipes that have been in high demand!

I hope you enjoy the guide!




P.S. Remember, this guide contains the EXACT healthy recipes and blends that customers were going crazy for when I sold them on my Etsy store. Now you can make them on your own time, and save even more money! Get the guide here.

Here’s What People are Saying:

“I loved coffee but after realizing that it was hurting my health, I had to give is up (kicking and screaming mind you). I have tried many herbal coffees that didn’t taste anything like I remember (you know like coffee). If you miss dark, rich, bitter coffee, you are going to go gaga when you try the Clean Living Blend recipe. This is one of the gems in this eBook! You also get solid information about the negative effects of coffee when you are dealing with autoimmune and thyroid issues. This book is a steal for this price so buy it today!” ~Kelly Bejelly of A Girl Worth Saving

“I can’t say enough good things about this herbal coffee! As someone who LOVES coffee, but isn’t loved back by it, I’ve been searching for something to fill that void for a long, long time. I’ve tried a gazillion types of tea, matcha, decaf, etc, and none of them hit the same notes as my beloved coffee. Clean Living Herbal “Coffee” has literally been a dream come true. I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s 100% true! Finally, a morning beverage with mutual love.” ~ Simone M. of Zenbelly Catering

The DIY Herbal Coffee Substitutes Guide is truly an answer to prayer! 🙂  I was so concerned I would not find a replacement for Jessica’s delicious herbal coffees and here she had this amazing tool up her sleeve.  She not only shares her recipes for the herbal coffees themselves, but additional and delicious recipes to kick the coffee up a notch and remove your need to ever visit a coffee shop again!  I feel like her recipes were made just for me!!  She also shares her in depth research and experiences with coffee and sugar, how it effects the body and how it plays a role with chronic illnesses.  You will not only be blessed by her secret recipes, but glean a lot of healthful knowledge that I am sure will make a difference in your own health moving forward!  Thank you Jessica for sharing your recipes and having the heart to help others!!”  ~ Tammy Trayer, Writer, Author, Radio Host & Blogger at

“When I learned that I had to give up coffee to help my adrenals and my autoimmune issues, I cried. I mean, coffee was my morning ritual and every other time that I tried a coffee substitute, I was sorely disappointed. I was skeptical that anything could ever replace my beloved coffee. Thank God I was wrong! Clean Living Herbal Coffee completely makes my mornings. It is truly the best part of waking up!” ~Orleatha Smith, Wellness Coach

I have been a big fan and avid consumer of Jessica’s herbal coffees from the beginning. Imagine my shock and disappointment when she announced she was closing the shop. I stashed as much coffee as I could but I knew it was going to run out one day. Then, she sent me this book. What a brilliant idea! Now I hold the secret recipe to these unbelievable “coffees”. This book is a wonderfully put together compendium of information about the downsides of caffeine and the wonderful properties of the herbs used to make Jessica’s coffees. If that was not enough she also includes a number of delicious beverage recipes for the finished product. If you’re like me and you miss her delicious blends, I strongly recommend getting this book and owning the secret recipe yourself so you will never have to be deprived of it! ~Vivica, Nutritionist and Author of

5 reviews for DIY Herbal Coffees eBook: A Complete Guide To Making Delicious Herbal Coffees to Support Healing & Stress Relief (a perfect solution for those with adrenal, blood sugar, or thyroid dysfunction)

  1. 5 out of 5


    I was so disappointed when Jessica announced that she was closing her coffee product line. I had become addicted to her Clean Living blend and was trying to figure out what to do when I ran out. I am thrilled that she released this DIY Guide. What a great resource for anyone who is wanting to give up coffee and caffeine, but know they still need something rich, dark, and bitter to soothe those cravings. Now they can make it at home, which is definitely going to save time and money. Two thumbs up for sure!

    • :

      Thank you for the review Kelly! 🙂

  2. 5 out of 5


    As a gastric bypass patient, it is a must that I get my daily protein in. I used to get it in my coffee but with the stress of post-surgery life, my adrenals took a major hit, so I had to give up my beloved coffee. Enter Delicious Obsessions Herbal Coffee. It seriously filled the void left by my former coffee obsession. I can continue to enjoy my delicious “coffee” and get my protein in — all while allowing my adrenals to heal! I was bummed when she stopped selling it, but thankful that she was willing to provide the recipes for the blends to her loyal customers. Thank you, Jessica!!!!

    • :

      Thank you Orleatha! 🙂

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I was a huge coffee drinker, all day long. I have to say I was a bit susceptible as to how good this would taste. But I am amazed, delighted and happy to say it is wonderful! The recipes are easy to follow and so delicious! Such a great variety of different tastes as well. Order your copy now, you will not be disappointed!

    • :

      Thank you so much for the review! So glad you liked it! 🙂

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I love Jessica’s DIY Herbal Coffee ebook! I have been looking for alternative coffees for quite some time, and this is perfect!! I just ordered some herbs, and will be “creating” as soon as they arrive. Thank You Jessica for your inspiration and culinary creations that heal!

    • :

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! I am so glad you liked it! 🙂

  5. 5 out of 5


    Hi Jessica!
    I never had the chance to ty your coffee and heard many good reviews about it. Im 5 months pregnant and quit drinking coffee shortly after my pregnancy started. I recently started having 1 cup a day and I can feel how my body is not happy with it. Even tough I do need the extra quick of energy around 2 pm since Im working full time, I started experiencing breast soreness due to the caffeine. I tried decaf and the taste is not the same.
    I decided to stop drinking coffee and would love to try your herbal coffee recipe to replace the lovely taste of coffee.
    Is it safe for pregnant women to drink it? I don’t know the ingredients and Im willing to buy the ebook to make it asap.
    Thank you very much!


    • :

      Hi Lourdes – Thanks for stopping by! While all of the herbs I use are GRAS (generally regarded as safe), in regards to pregnancy and/or illness I am required by law to tell you to consult with your doctor as not all herbs are suitable for everyone. Feel free to email us if you have any other questions at support(at)deliciousobsessions(dot)com! 🙂

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