My Daily Prayer Journal: Deepen Your Prayer Life and Strengthen Your Walk With Our Heavenly Creator


Deepen your prayer life and your walk with our Heavenly Creator.

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Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving. Colossians 4:2

Welcome friends! I am happy that you stopped by!

I created My Daily Prayer Journal from my own personal needs. Necessity is the mother of invention (according to Plato, I hear) and that is exactly why this journal was born. Because I needed it.

And, if you’re here reading this, perhaps you need it too…

Why A Prayer Journal?


It’s something so vital to our relationship with our Creator, yet it is so difficult for so many of us. I have struggled with prayer for my entire life. I finally realized a few years ago that my struggles with prayer stemmed from a couple of things. As I started working on unraveling those, I slowly discovered strategies that helped me with praying more consistently. I talk about this more in-depth in the journal.

I created this style of prayer journal about six months ago (at the time of this writing, Feb. 2024). The idea came to me after listening to a sermon on prayer and how to make it more effective. Praying using this format changed everything for me.

It made prayer feel less complex and overwhelming.

It helped me stay on track and not let my mind wander.

It made me feel like I was actually communicating with put Heavenly Father and not just speaking to the side of my bed.

After I saw how this style of prayer journaling was helping me, I knew it could help others too. I had spoken with friends who also confessed that they struggled with prayer. We all know that prayer is a vital part of our spiritual lives, yet so many things cause us to stumble in that area.

What’s Inside My Daily Prayer Journal

The Daily Prayer Journal is laid out in the way that I found most useful to my daily prayer life. The way I structured it allows us to get our hearts and minds right with praise and gratitude first. God provides for us in so many ways but we often lose sight of all of His provisions. We are commanded to be joyful and grateful daily and not only does this improve our spiritual health, but research shows it benefits our physical health as well.

From there we can move into our prayers for repentance and forgiveness, prayers for others, and then our own personal prayers. With each section, I share the reasoning behind the section, as well as Biblical information on the importance of each of these areas of prayer.

Every section has a plentiful amount of journaling pages so you can jot down anything and everything you need to talk to God about. The end of the journal features an extensive resources page on all things prayer. I hope the tools provided help deepen your prayer life even further.

Please note that this is NOT a print book. Upon purchase, you will receive a download link for the PDF document. You will also receive a print release allowing you to print ONE copy of the eBook for your personal use (it’s already formatted for cost-effective printing). While I had wanted to offer this as a print book, the quotes I received from printers were just not feasible to make the book even remotely affordable for my customers. In the print release, I will give you the best tips for printing that will save you the most money and make this journal an affordable investment in your walk with God.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a print book?

No, this is an eBook. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download the PDF to your computer or any electronic device.

Can I print this book myself?

Yes, you can print ONE copy for your own personal use and you will be given a print release upon purchase. That file will be sent to you in addition to the eBook PDF. The document will have all of the instructions for printing it.

I want to give this book as a gift. Can I do that?

Thank you for asking! This would make a wonderful gift. Each copy of the eBook purchased comes with a single license. So you will need to purchase one copy for each person you would like to gift it to. For example, if you would like to give this book to 5 people, you will need to purchase 5 copies of the eBook through this website so each person has their own license. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out here: [email protected]

Will you offer a print copy of this in the future?

Maybe? I had hoped to offer this as a printed book, but due to printer’s pricing, it was unrealistic for a small business like mine to purchase enough copies to make it affordable for my customers. The quotes I got back would make the price of each journal $30-$40. If anything changes, it will be announced in my newsletter here so make sure you sign up for updates!

How do I download a copy?

Add the eBook to the cart using the ORDER NOW button below and proceed through checkout. Once your payment is processed, you will automatically receive an email with the download links. Make sure you check your spam and your Gmail Promotions tab.

I Have a Kindle/iPad/Tablet/Other Mobile Device. Will I Be Able to Read This Book?

The ebook will be available as a PDF file which you can read on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other mobile device. To view on a Kindle/iPad simply download the Adobe app and then view the PDF. You will also receive instructions on how to print a copy for your own personal use.


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